A leader in manufacturing waveguide assemblies

A leader in manufacturing waveguide assemblies (with silver-plated and flexible sections, per design) for various satellite applications.

Thin Wall Waveguides

SME Provides ThinWall Waveguide Assemblies
“A leader in manufacturing waveguide assemblies (with silver-plated and flexible sections, per design) for various satellite applications.”
Space Qualified:

We fabricate lightweight aluminum waveguide assemblies and other passive RF equipment for many of the biggest satellite companies in the US and Europe.

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Space Machine & Engineering Corp. has a manufacturing team exclusively dedicated to our flight qualified waveguide systems. Our flight approved waveguide components range from S-Band (WR340) through V‐Band (WR19). We have a well-stocked inventory of high quality thin wall aluminum waveguide and cast bends especially dedicated to our flight waveguide product line (WR19 & WR22 only available in regular wall). Our immense inventory enables us to provide deliverables in as little as three weeks.

Beginning with our precision CNC machining process, our skilled and experienced manufacturing team produces extremely accurate waveguide assemblies which are tested by experienced technical personnel using our state of the art testing and metrology labs. Each assembly we produce undergoes 100% dimensional inspection and electrical testing using one of our vector network analyzers.


  • Direct TV 8
  • GOES
  • Hughes‐Jupiter
  • MSAT
  • Panamsat 8
  • SXM 7/8 (Sirius XM 7 & 8)
  • WVL
  • IS39 (Intelsat 39)
  • S1D2 (Star One D2)
  • T19 (Telstar 19 VANTAGE)

Utilizing either our in‐house capabilities or one of our NADCAP certified vendors, Space Machine & Engineering Corp. has the capability to fabricate the most intricate, demanding, and complex waveguide assemblies for your satellite needs. Our manufacturing team is dedicated to providing high quality products that exceed the needs and expectations of our customer. Additionaly, we do it at a reasonable price and on-time delivery.

“Final inspection completed on of 39 waveguide assemblies for the ABS‐2 and OPTUS programs. The product presented was of extreme high quality. SME’s commitment to providing flawless parts was evident. All process paperwork was complete and error free. All parts were accepted.” – Joe Tolland, MAXAR


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Space Machine provides custom waveguide fabrication, installation and testing services to include design, layout and targeting. We have extensive experience with multiple industries systems requiring waveguide for RF transmission.