38th Annual Small Satellite Conference

Aug 3-8, 2024
38th Annual Small Satellite Conference


As small satellites support ever more complex and distant space missions, the need grows for sophisticated automation to ensure success. Compelling use cases exist across civil, military, and commercial sectors and range from light-touch autonomous systems to full autonomy leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning that enable systems to learn and adapt to new situations. Automation provides precise launch and deployment timing and enhances navigation and attitude control to optimize missions. Seamless ground station communication and data analysis enables missions to achieve complex scientific and operational objectives. Fault detection, recovery, and onboard decision-making systems swiftly respond to issues. Autonomous power management and collision avoidance enhance the efficiency and reliability of small satellite missions by reducing the need for human intervention.

During the 38th Annual Small Satellite Conference, we will explore how automation is being integrated into small satellite systems across the space, launch, ground, and user segments, making them smarter and more effective.

All sessions will be live in Logan, Utah and streamed online.