RF Engineering

Explore the cosmos with cutting-edge RF engineering solutions tailored for a wide range of Radar, SIGINT, SATCOM and Point to Point technologies. Our expertise in RF engineering ensures reliable communication and data and seamless connectivity across vast interstellar distances. Unlock the potential of your missions with our innovative RF technologies, designed to reduce cost, improve efficiency in state of the art manufacturing facilities.

RF Systems Engineering

  • Design and implementation of waveguide systems in ground stations
  • RF system integration planning and implementation
  • RF link budget analysis
  • System level RF performance analysis
  • System architectural design and evaluation
  • Space qualification and radiation tolerance
  • Operational RF communications requirements and planning
  • Technical documentation preparation and review (SOW, SCD, ICD)
  • Design review and evaluation (SRR, PDR, CDR)
  • Vendor oversight during subsystem development
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation

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    Foundational Proficiencies in RF engineering

    • Link budgets, data rate, and throughput estimations
    • 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation
    • Antenna design
    • Patch Antennas
    • Benchtop design validation testing up to 20 GHz
    • Radio selection
    • Protocol testing and analysis
    • RF circuit analysis
    • RF circuit design
    • Radio frequency PCB layout

    RF Engineering Lab Technology & Testing

    Discover our comprehensive RF engineering capabilities, complemented by our state-of-the-art on-site RF benchtop testing lab equipped with a diverse array of measurement instruments from Rohde & Schwarz, spanning frequencies from 2 Hz to 26.5 GHz.

    Our RF engineering team helps customers optimize their RF components for Radar markets, providing up and down converters as well as high power solid state pulsed and CW transmitters and receivers for use in chirped, doppler, CW and pulsed applications.

    Whether it’s characterization, RF-related PCB layout review, troubleshooting, or protocol measurement licenses, our engineering services encompass a holistic approach to wireless engineering, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and testing facilities for your next project.

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