Scientific Research Waveguides

Waveguide Components for Scientific Research

At Space Machine, our product range includes an array of waveguide components that cater to the specific needs of the scientific community. We offer rigid waveguide products from WR19 to WR2300, covering a wide frequency spectrum. This diversity is crucial because scientific research often operates at the cutting edge of frequency and power capabilities, necessitating a broad range of waveguide sizes and types.

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To implement cutting edge waveguide solutions. As the need for ground and space based communications has evolved — as demands have changed, standards have been raised, and technology has advanced — we’ve grown with it while keeping to our mission: to help our customers grow by solving and supporting our customers’ waveguide challenges.

Scientific Waveguide Components & Capabilities

Our engineering teams are adept at designing and manufacturing waveguide components that meet precise specifications, whether it’s for a particle accelerator, a radio telescope, or a plasma research facility. Our custom solutions include heavy wall waveguides for high-power applications, thin wall waveguides for specific frequency tunings, and double ridge waveguides for broad bandwidth requirements.

One of the key challenges in scientific applications is the need for extreme precision and minimal signal loss. Space Machine’s waveguide components are designed to offer low attenuation and high power handling capabilities, ensuring that they deliver the highest level of performance and reliability. This precision is critical in scientific settings where even the smallest measurement error can significantly impact research outcomes.

  • AS9100D and Nadcap Certifications
  • Specialized in custom applications 
  • Offers a wide range of plating and finishes
  • Engineering team for product and manufacturing needs 
  • Provides full customization to waveguide and RF passive components

Our Waveguide Products

Rigid Waveguide Range: We offer a comprehensive line of rigid waveguide products, available in sizes ranging from WR19 to WR2300. Catering to diverse requirements, our products encompass standard wall waveguides to heavy wall, thin wall, and double ridge custom assemblies

Custom Solutions

Understanding the unique demands of each project, we provide customized waveguide solutions. Whether you require heavy wall waveguides for enhanced durability or thin wall designs for specific applications, our team can design and manufacture waveguides to your exact specifications.

Flight Waveguides

Our flight waveguides are engineered for aerospace applications, We at Space Machine have along heritage of building waveguide for aerospace customers which includes:

  • Special Material such as Copper, Stainless Steel, and Invar (nickel-iron alloy known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion)
  • Custom waveguide opening which can be used as a hybrid frequency range or a transition between two different waveguide sizes.
  • Custom plating which includes Gold, Silver, Nickel, Tin, and many others
  • Custom paint such as Z306, Z307, BR127, and many others
  • Tight mechanical tolerance to ensure ideal fitment when installing waveguide
  • Optimized VSWR specifications to ensure the max amount of signal transmission.

High Quantity Production

Equipped with all the needed manufacturing processes at our St. Petersburg facility, Space Machine is capable of handling high quantity production runs, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

RF Passive Components

We also offer a wide range of general RF passive components, integral to various communication and radar systems such as pressure valves, adapters, pressure windows, samplers, couplers, and many more.


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