International Microwave Symposium

16-21 June 2024
International Microwave Symposium


We welcome you to IMS2024 in Washington D.C. The last time D.C. hosted IMS was in 1980. Our industry, IMS and the city had a lot of changes in the last 44 years!

D.C. is a kaleidoscope of tastes, flavors, sounds and sights. From Georgetown’s cobblestone streets and historic houses to the Wharf’s sleek new restaurants and funky music venues, the District’s many neighborhoods have an identity all their own. Away from the political headlines of the day, the American capital is throbbing with energy. Whether you’re sleeping blocks away from the White House or dining within the same walls that have hosted leaders from around the world, Washington will not disappoint you.

Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital and named after one of the USA’s founding fathers, George Washington. George Washington later became the first president of the United States. Even today, Washington, the city, is not part of border states, Maryland, nor Virginia. It is its own district. The district is called the District of Columbia. Columbia being the female personification of this nation, hence Washington D.C.